Is There Any Youtube Archive Is Avialable On Internet?

Firstly let’s discuss that what is Archive?

Archive is a collection of ancient records or documents which provides us information about some specific place or  Institute, or person, in easy words you can say that archive is the place where ancient records are kept. Archive contain the history of any thing like it contains a history about some Govt Officer or about some organization or may be about a tradition of a country. So we can say that archive is a directory or place where the history about any thing is saved.

Now about youtube archive

Well i don’t think so that any kind of youtube archive is available. But here is a solution for you if you are searching for youtube archive. All those old famous and infamous videos which are deleted at some point from youtube are uploaded at WBM and you can found them by using Way Back Machine. We are providing you this information from personal experience so try it by yourself and also inform us through your valuable comments if it work’s fine for you.

In this image you can see youtube Old version of 2007.

youtube 2007 version
youtube 2007 version

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